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Young Nigerian Couples caught having S*X in an hotel public Swimming Pool (Video)


The story behind this incident, was that a guy came to relax in a hotel with his girlfriend.

The guy and his girlfriend were beside the swimming pool of the hotel. When the boyfriend found out through their conversation, that his girlfriend doesn’t know how to swim.

So willing to learn how to swim the girlfriend, her boyfriend decided to pay someone at the hotel to teach his girlfriend how to swim.

But the poor boyfriend doesn’t even know that his girlfriend has other things on her mind.

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During the course of the swimming lesson, both the swimming teacher and the cheating girl friend went to the secluded area of the swimming pool where they thought nobody could ever see them and started having S*X.

But unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the boyfriend, they were caught and film through a see through glass, at the back of the swimming pool’s secluded area.

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