Burna Boy: I find interviews stressful


Burna Boy is featured in the latest issue of GQ magazine where he spoke, among other things, why interviews make him very uncomfortable.

Burna Boy: I find interviews stressful

“It’s not that I hate interviews,” he told his interview, Lola Ogunnaike, adding, “It’s just that I find them stressful. I find them more stressful than going on tour.”

He continued, “Because most of the questions you all ask are very direct, simple questions. But then I answer simply, and then you’re waiting for the rest, like there’s supposed to be a rest of the answer when there really isn’t.”

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The African Giant crooner also said he is not impressed with the charts, with numbers; he is more interested in his fans. “I don’t really have a high regard for numbers, because numbers have no feelings, they have no soul, whereas I do,” he explained.

“My ‘numbers’ is the people who have actually felt the feeling that the music is supposed to carry across and in the process received the message,” he added.


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